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Do you have a question regarding nutrition and health?

Current Issue 50

Jan de Vries discusses Men's health

It is important to seek help early so that health issues can be detected in good time.

Food Facts: Enlarged Prostate— can food affect it?

What is an enlarged Prostate? Can what you eat really make a difference?

Give me a pee!

Is your body storing water instead of letting it go?

A bit stiff-necked

It is common to find mobility of the neck and shoulders to be less than ideal. Arnica can help.

Ringing Ears – Tinnitus explained

Tinnitus may occur in either or both ears, and may come and go at varying levels.

Cold Hands—Raynaud’s explained

Raynaud's Syndrome, effects mainly the hands, nose & feet, turning them white and blue.

What’s in Echinacea?

Echinacea is widely used in herbal medicines, but what is it?

Ironing out the Problem?

Identifying and easing the situations which can arise with iron deficiency.

A lost paradise with an idyllic lifestyle

Extraordinary longevity and freedom from illness. How do they do it?

Help the humble bumblebee

Bumblebees are among the most endearing and welcome of insect visitors to the garden.

Ask Ali

Our regular contributor, Alison Cullen, answers readers' questions.


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